David is a well known singer, songwriter, producer, engineer, educator and multi-instrumentalist. 


  • Assistant Executive Director of Florida Songwriters Association
  • Singer, songwriter, musician, composer of musical scores and symphonies.
  • Owner, manager and main engineer of Studio Live USA  current


  • Lead guitar and vocals w/ A&M Records – MPG
  • Keyboards, guitar and vocals w/ Parc Records (CBS) – BIGSHOT
  • Guitarist w/ Lowery Records – CYCLE
  • 7th annual Billboard songwriting contest achievement winner
  • Winner of Jammy award for best trio – BIG GUNS
  • Three CD releases w/ Retrospect Records – DAVID
  • CD release w/ Retrospect Records – TIN HOUSE (formerly w/ Epic Records)
  • Composer for theme song “Bass to Billfish” TV show for NBC Outdoor Spoorts Network
  • Composer of film score for full length movie “The Legend Of Kate Kensington
  • Producer, writer, guitar, vocals and keyboards for Simple Southern Boys “Eyes On The Prize” album on Big Sky Records.