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David Mikeal returns with his, simply titled, third solo outing "David III". You may remember David from when he was a member of the classic AOR

Band MPG, whose lone album was released on A&M in 1981. Often regarded as a cult classic, MPG's debut was a fine piece of laid-back, keyboard

Dominated AOR in the moult of bands like Tycoon, Alliance, All Sports Band and Sojourn. Davids solo releases have hinted at his past, but have

Kept one eye firmly on the future. This album is no exception. On tracks such as "Jealousy" and "Mystery Lover" , David sounds uncannily like Mr Big's

Eric Martin, in fact "Jealousy" could be an old Eric Martin Band "outtake, such is it"s resemblance. It also has it"s fair share of pompy moments, as the

Likes of "Front Page News" and the stunning "Crying All Alone In The Night" (keyboards to die for, on this one) will testify. Excellently produced, with

great slab of hook-laden, harmony over-loaded AOR " then look no further than this album. Well recommended, and one of the top albums this month.

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Powerplay Review

David Mikeal - vocals, all instruments
Guests: Michael E Smith - drums and James Smith on '
Spanish Castle Magic'

David Mikeal has been a busy man of late. Keeping up a busy schedule at his Difference Studios in
Florida, David has also spent time helping out Austrian female artist Yamuna (refer, while also working on his latest venture under the David moniker. And if you thought that wasn't enough, how about ducking and diving for cover during the height of the Florida Hurricane season? I know I'd be a little bit perturbed if I had a houseful of expensive recording equipment with 170 kph winds blowing around outside. It's enough to drive a man to music, and that is exactly what the former MPG guitarist has resorted to with Chapter III of the David adventure.

Less of a science-fiction theme this time around (only the album cover passes a fleeting glance), David has given us a powerful selection of tunes; a mixture of bruising rockers, pompous and parpy keyboard arrangements, and a couple of covers. Mostly though, it's quite a rocky affair, more so than the previous two David albums I feel. The songs too are more immediate and 'in the face' than before, which instantly gives it play-back credibility. It's my guess that AORsters and hard rockers alike will find 'David III' appealing. First up comparisons would point a finger at a band like Idle Cure for instance, particularly where guitars and keyboards meet.

The opener 'I Can't Tell A Lie' is probably not the strongest of starts; the latin styled acoustic guitar and the predominant hip-hop rhythm is a bit of a contrast to the rockier strains wanting to push through on the chorus. The direction of the album is put right on 'Mystery Lover', with crunching electric guitars on top of an acoustic build-up, mixed with parping keyboards and multi-vocal harmonies. Much better me thinks! A ballad 'Number One' appears early in the count, and while not exactly radio fodder, has enough interest and variety to go into repeat-play mode. Probably my fave track is 'Waiting For The Big Time' which has an identikit 80's sound that harks back to that era from MPG, Touch et al! The Indian styled intro of 'Thundercloud' leads into an exotic offbeat arrangement.. trying to be a rainmaker perhaps?

A pair of very good melodic rockers follow next. 'Jealousy' features some uptempo riffing, while 'It Was Meant To Be' dabbles in a Harem Scarem styled sound topped by a stylish guitar solo. To change the mood altogether, a pair of covers is next on the menu. I guess everybody remembers the Stevie Wonder chestnut 'Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing'. It's given the David Mikeal treatment. I like it a lot, but I guess much of our readership will resort to the fast forward button. On the other hand, the Jimi Hendrix tune 'Spanish Castle Magic' is another given a reworking, and great to see Mikeal letting loose on the guitar in true axe-wielding fashion. That brief spacey solo is one for the books.. I'm sure Jimi will give a nod of approval. 'Frontpage News' is another of those 80's wonderful throwbacks while 'Question Of Privacy' is a mid tempo track, that picks up the pace as we progress through it. Some lovely keyboard touches on this one too. The track has the feel of some of those late 80's/early 90's Christian AOR releases -a good sign indeed! The last track 'Cryin' All Alone In The Night' could be Idle Cure to a tee.. a tight hard rock structure, the right guitar/keyboard interplay and a catchy chorus to boot.

If any of you have heard the previous David albums 'Journey To Poexula' and 'Presence', I can report that the latest 'David III' effort blows those two albums out of the water. The hard rock dynamics stand out quite noticeably, and while the album contains a couple of tracks that don't quite work for me, the majority of them do! A few plays will soon have you replaying this disc over again. The tell-tale sign of course is upon first listen, the songs demand instant listening. A very commendable release. Watch this space for the forthcoming interview with David Mikeal.

Review By: George Thatcher

Track Listing:
01 I Can't Tell A Lie
02 Mystery Lover
03 Number One
04 Waiting For The Big Time
05 Thundercloud
06 Jealousy
07 It Was Meant To Be
08 Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing
09 Front Page News
10 Spanish Castle Magic
11 Question Of Privacy
12 Cryin' All Alone In The Night


With Presence, ex MPG mainman and multi-instrumentalist, David Mikeal, has easily and substantially surpassed the attractive, pomp flavoured poprock immediacy of 1995's Journey To Poexula. This has everything - depth, subtlety, power, and even when delivering the big moments in colourful , widescreen, 3D graphics, you feel Mikeal is still holding something in reserve. Credit to Mikeal for all of this - although David is ostensibly a band, Mikeal wrote, produced, engineered, and mixed the album. Phew!!!

HARD ROXX Magazine, England

This is the second album that David has done, and yes, it's a band even if David Mikeal is the main man. He produced, mixed, wrote almost all the songs, sings, played guitar, bass, keys, drums and harmonica. The album starts with Conversation, a great song that sounds almost like Nelson/Boston. David (the guy) has by the way a great voice that sounds like a mix of Richard Marx/Eric Martin and the high notes of Rick Emmett. "All the Girls get Lonely" and "Save the World" are both really good songs. But the best is yet to come. "Anything 4 U" and "Never Give Up" are high class, soft AOR (a-la Richard Marx) that you wanna play over and over again. The only not so good about this album is the too sugar-sweet ballad "Lonely Old Man" (almost country) and the Beatles medley "Sgt Pepper/I am the Walrus" (not bad but boring). To the fans of the above mentioned singers/bands, all I can say is "buy buy". And to the "melodic" record companies: Sign them up or at least help them with distribution. This is too good to be missed. See our interview section, for more information

CATCHY HOOKS Magazine,Sweden

The first thing I noticed about this CD(Journey To Poexula) was the quality of the recording. The separation is great. David consists of David Tinny on drums and per- cussion, Danny Baldrich on guitars and vocals, Bill Gifford on bass, and David Mikeal on lead vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass, harmonica, and drum programs. Poexula is "a futuristic city where all is positive...a utopia", so to say the songs on this CD tend to be rather "up" would be an understatement. I would describe the music as 80's rock with 90's technology. The songs all have strong hooks and are beautifully performed. David Mikeal has a vocal range that is not to be believed. He hits some high notes that are in the strato- sphere(check out "Out of Control"). One of my personal favorites is "This Could Be", a gentle ballad with nice harmonies

MUSIC FORUM Magazine,Florida

Leader of this band is David Mikeal, who you might remember of the 80's pomprockband MPG that cut one album. His band is simply called David, there is even another David in the band, namely drummer David Tinny. Bassist Bill Gifford completes the lineup of David. What follows are some nice melodic rockers("All The Girls Get Lonely," "Save the World," and "No More Heroes"). Points: 8.0 out of 10

STRUTTER ZINE Magazine, Netherlands

AS IS "As is" (Independent)


AS IS is a new jazzy progressive rock band formed by underrated singer/songwriter David Mikeal who is based in Florida. At one point David was even signed to A & M records and released a wonderful album with pomsters MPG, since then he has recorded two excellent solo records under the name "DAVID" called "Journey To Poexula" and "Presence", both of which received much praise in magazines such as Hard Roxx and Aor Classics. "AS IS" are a very good band, and I thoroughly enjoyed every single song. Influences range from, ZZ TOP, FRANK ZAPPA, DAVID LEE ROTH (A Little Ain"t Enough/Just A Gigolo era,) MICHAEL SWEET, STUART SMITH, HENRY LEE SUMMER, THE MUSIC SHIP, THE BLUES BROTHERS, WALK THE WIRE and even a lower toned version of the mighty SPROCK"S BEARD.


I really liked the song "Leech". The song builds into a great southern bluesy song. David"s vocal part sounds perfect and very raspy and smokey. I particularly liked the inclusion of a horn section which gives the song it"s commercial values. It"s an excellent up tempo groovy fun song as is (no pun intended) "Pirate Ship". This track has some really cool bluesy guitar playing and some really cool keyboard work in that classic hipy 70"s LED ZEPPELIN era style!!


"Amsterdam" reminds me of TAKARA, ERIC MARTIN and almost MICHAEL BOLTON (Everybody"s CRAZY era.) Listen to the way David clambers up yhose scales, actually this is a great song. I hear so many different experimentations during this cut that I am left totally biased and dazzeled!!


"Merlin" is also very good and features yet more dazzling jangly jazzy keyboard work. This song is simply brilliant. Very progressive and almost sounds like vintage MAGNUM!!


Yes, "AS IS" is a good solid blues semi-progressive rock album full of nifty playing from the whole band, watch the labels fight over this lot!! Contact


Rating: 8/10 Review by Nicky Baldrian (freelance writer) Strutter Zine Magazine, The Netherlands

Brasilia! The Rain Forest

By David Mikeal 40:33 minutes,,


Craving something new and original? Come along with David Mikeal and take a walk in the rainforest.


Owner of "Difference Studios" in Winter Park, Fl, David is an engineer, a producer, an extremely talented songwriter, a singer, and a multi-instrumentalist.


The inspiration for this album came in the rainforest on St, Kitts, a small volcanic island in the Caribbean, and in Maui, Hi. Where he was setting up recording studios. Some of the bird sounds were gathered from both places, and others including the sounds of bald eagles, were recorded at his home on 55 acres in central Florida.


Although he comes from a background in pop rock, David now finds he is much involved in nature and animal tribal drum sounds and chanting, which he attributes to his partial American Indian heritage. He has magically interwoven into the music all the fascinating sounds of the wild.


With the exception of Morning Rainbow, composed with James Insalaco, who also plays solo piano on this track, all songs were composed, engineered and performed by David on six- and twelve-string guitar, dulcimer, mandolin, bamboo flutes, guiro, cabasa, tamba, electric bass, and a variety of drums.


David has created magical music one never tires of hearing. While all the tracks are superb, some of my favorites are #1, Sunrise, #5, To The Ocean and #6, Afternoon Mist. Clips of this fascinating musical experience can be heard on the website.

Heidi Bonisa - The Light Connection Magazine, California